Just Bead It.

Yes, we went there. Maybe it's all the late nights stringing transparent beads and transforming them into colorful handbags, but we can't get enough. This year, we launched three new beaded styles, each one more fanciful than the last. 

No. 6 - Beaded Lady Bag (available in 9 colors)

No. 8 - Beaded iPhone Sling (available in 3 colors)

No. 9 - Beaded Belt Bag (available in 2 colors)

For us, making these by hand gives us a chance to add newness into our collection without a long development lead time or factory minimum. They're all made to order so there is little to no waste involved in their manufacturing. This flexibility is exciting for us, as it can often feel like you can't keep up with big brands and their big budgets churning out new styles (seemingly all the time). By making these, in a week we can create something from nothing that someone can wear and enjoy. What could be better than that?!

We hope you'll check them out and enjoy taking your accessories a little less seriously this year. We think they should be fun, never fussy. Our price points reflect the honest cost of US labor and materials, without any overhead of a retail store or crazy margin of a larger brand. The result? Playful bags that will turn heads and add a little color to your otherwise monochromatic, modern wardrobe. 

Each one is made with love in our Seattle studio & we hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them! Have a custom idea? We'd love to make all your beaded bag dreams come true. Email us anytime and let's chat!