Style Report: No. 3

It's a bit unfair, but as the designer and founder of F E R A L,  I have the luxury of wear testing all of our handbags for several months before they launch in our collection. I am fortunate enough to travel fairly often with my family and for business and I always make it a point to carry a different style (or all of them) when I am on the go. I really feel like you get to know a bag when you travel - you're pretty much stuck together away from home and truly only have your essentials with you. It's a great way to vet a detail or fall in love with a style. 

When I travel on the west coast, I always bring style No. 3, aka Double-Take, with me. I love the bold circle shape, striking black color and chunky double zippers that give it an edge. It looks amazing with everything from denim to dresses and jumpsuits, and it's medium size makes it ideal when I am on the go. 

If I carry a big bag, I stuff said big bag with way more than I need. When I carry this style I am forced to be considerate about what I carry without feeling like I don't have what I need or must load up my pockets to carry overflow. I love the two small internal slip pockets, they're great to stash small things so they stay in place in my bag.

The two separate body compartments help me keep things sorted, something my OCD brain really loves. It is perfect for a small wallet, sunglasses, keys, cosmetics, business cards, ear pods, emergency chocolate (you know you have it too - or - just learned about a pearl of wisdom) and whatever hot wheels cars and kid snacks I have to carry just in case one of the kids has a melt down. I am also known to keep a nylon bucket hat or wool beret folded in one half just in case the unpredictable PNW weather strikes and I need a hat. 

One of my "must haves" on any bag is an exterior pocket for my phone, metro pass or parking stub. I really like the convenience of slipping these items effortlessly into the exterior pocket while walking, without having to fuss with a zipper or dig around. 

The adjustable strap is also great for me when I want to style the bag over bulky jackets or mix things up and wear it close to the body. I have also worn it wrapped around my waist as a modern belt bag, which is great when I need to keep my hands free or am in a crowded space. 

In short, this style is versatile, practical and eye-catching. Although circular bags may not be a revolutionary concept, the function and sleek detailing on this style make it a favorite of mine. I mean, seriously...who doesn't love leather covered snaps and the peek-a-boo of tan leather under the strap? 


Shannon Fisher of F E R A L