Details that Matter

We partner with 10 different companies across the USA to make all the little details that go into our modern luxury product. We think it is pretty cool that when you buy a handbag from us, you're also supporting US communities all across the country. Most of our partners have been in their industry for decades, honing their skills and becoming experts in their field. We consider ourselves lucky to work with others that love what they do as much as we do. It really shows in the level of quality that we create.  

One of these such partners wove our custom logo labels in NYC. They are experts at weaving labels and we knew we would be in good hands working with them on our collection.  They would probably describe us as "perfectionists" considering how many phone calls we made and how many digital proofs were rejected as we developed our edgy oversized satin damask labels, but hey - what can we say, we expect the best! 

It is really important to us that every single detail (even those you may never notice as a customer) is intentional, attractive and high-quality. We love handbags (slight obsession actually), and our designer bags always have the most lovely, thick and expensive looking labels. We felt like you deserve the same level of thought and high end design, even if you aren't throwing down a mortgage payment for this seasons must-have bag. We landed on the oversized label size so that the logo was clear and crisp, and had fun with the icons on the back to fulfill a manufacturing requirement (to declare the material/content of the bag) as well as have a little fun and write our message in graphics. So get crazy and look inside your bag, explore it and enjoy every thoughtful detail that was hand applied. These premium handbags are crafted by hand, by another handbag loving human that made it just for you.