Join the Revolution

If you didn't already know, it is Fashion Revolution week, championed by an organization aptly called the Fashion Revolution (follow them @fash_rev). I'm grateful for platforms like the Fashion Revolution, who so articulately and skillfully organize their message to bring awareness to the importance of transparency and accountability in the fashion industry. This important movement demands transparency into the details of who, how and where the products you buy are made. We're eagerly optimistic that a growing number of consumers are starting to consider these important details and have them influence their buying decisions.

At F E R A L, we believe in a transparent model and an uncompromising commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. We mindfully choose to design, source and manufacture every high end stitch of our accessories in the US. We believe that the dollars you spend are votes for the kind of world you want to live in. We want to live in a world where people choose well and buy less, and where all kids can drink clean water and play in trees. We choose to spend our dollars in US communities, supporting local artisans and keeping our carbon footprint low. By making our products locally, we're intentionally controlling the entire process, ensuring ethical manufacturing practices, fair wages for our workers and investing in US communities by purchasing and developing everything here (literally, everything). We could make things far cheaper in China, but we're proud to put our people above profits and build a bag worth talking about. 

Chew on this: Did you know the leather industry is the LEADING CAUSE of global deforestation. In many countries it is more profitable for forests to be bulldozed and raise livestock to fuel the global demand for leather products than it is to consider the environmental impact. We refuse to be responsible for a single tree being cut down so we can make a handbag, and so we source all of our leathers from 100% European origin, and bi-product of the meat industry, premium Italian cow hides. Does it cost more, yes, is it worth it, absolutely.