LA Vibes

Our line is made in the City of Angels, and it was a conscious decision to manufacture here. Our founder lived in LA for 9 years and considers it one of the few places in the world that feel like home. The vibe in LA is truly unique. Maybe its the 365 days of pure sunshine, warm weather, endless beaches and access to great art, food, music and culture. Maybe it's that it is a densely populated melting pot of people who've either made it (& are trying to blend in) or are trying to make it (and therefore desperately trying to stand out from the crowd). Either way the people watching is unparalleled & the juxtaposition of those two themes makes for some great combinations. Nothing like landing in LA and waiting for your baggage between Kenny G and Lil Wayne. True story.

The city inspires us. There's just something about it that gets into your bones. The laid back vibe. The discerning eye. The street art. The love of tacos. The sunshine. The vintage markets. All of these these LA attributes are an unspoken part of our brand ethos, and are expressed in the effortless cool of each silhouette. Maybe you can't sum up the LA vibe in 200 words, but if you've felt it's spell than you know that LA isn't just a place - it's a feeling.  And you'll get all the feels when you wear one of our bags. Each and every one is ethically made in LA with love by skilled artisans who live and breathe in the City of Angels. Looking cool never felt so good. Enjoy babes.