We did it!

So friends, it has been a while since you've heard from me. And that is 1 part intentional and one part circumstantial. Seriously who can homeschool 2 kids, raise a baby and run a business solo. This gal, for one, has had to re-prioritize!
Handsfree Phone Sling
With everything going on this year it has felt disingenuous to continue to push my business objectives and pretend nothing bigger is happening. I haven't felt like my voice needs to join the noise nor do I want to be bombarding you with sales or feign ignorance that a lot of the country is struggling right now. The narcissism that primarily permeates the social media world no longer feels appropriate so I got crazy with my bad self and deleted my personal Instagram acct. Cold turkey, saved nothing, just a clean break. No regrets.
I am excited to instead fill my mindspace with purposeful projects, and authentic connections, outside a digital space. I walk more and take fewer pictures these days. This global pause has given me an opportunity I didn't know I needed and I have been focusing on what makes the largest impact in the lives of people in my community: Donating my money to meaningful causes. Shopping local. Actually calling people on the phone (gasp, who am I?!). Raising my children to be good humans. Being present for those who need me. When my cup is full, making sure I share what I have - and when it is empty - making sure I take a pause to exercise, get outside and take time for my mental health. 
Like many of you, I have had my whole family of 5 at home with me since March, and we're still enjoying spending time together and letting go of the stressful rush that so often filled our lives before. After 10 amazing years in Washington State...we decided to embark on a new adventure move our family to North Idaho! My husband's job went permanently remote so as long as we have an internet connection, there is really no stopping where we can go now. A few weeks on the coast, why not? Work from the middle of no where - sign me up. We're grateful to be on an exciting new adventure, and after all the uncertainty this year has brought - it feels good to be intentionally starting a new chapter in our lives. Shamelessly, it is also fun to purge all the random stuff I had accumulated and decorate a new space in a new aesthetic. I am a firm believer that surrounding yourself with beautiful things and organized spaces works wonders for your psyche (clearly all of the US agrees with me as any and all furniture stores' shipping delays are cray rn!) Anyway, I hope you have also been able to carve out a bright spot for yourselves in 2020. I have made personal connections with so many of you, and I would love to know how you're doing/what keeps you sane/what positive changes you've been able to make this year! 
I want to take a moment to thank you for supporting me and keeping FERAL alive through your passion for American made accessories. It is my continued honor to make you the bag you can't live without.  I truly hope you and yours feel loved, find time to celebrate however you can, and make the end of the year feel special. We made it guys! And there's the door 2020, don't let it hit you on the way out! 
Shannon from F E R A L