What's in a Name?

When it came to choosing a name for the brand, we found the task almost impossible. How do you name something that stands for so much in one word?  Both the founder's maiden name and married names start with an "F", so we started there as she has a strong affinity for the bold angles and geometric cleanliness of that particular letter. The hunt for the perfect f-word (pun intended) began. It took years, looking for words in Italian, literature, searching for words with powerful meanings but that were easy to pronounce. Words were too feminine. Or too aggressive. Nothing fit.

And then, in 2015, she came across a beautiful description of a word that had grace, power and resilience. A pillar of strength and bold connotations that resonated with her at a particularly pivotal time in her life. There it was in plain text, feral. Described as both "a return to a natural state" and "of an unknown origin". As a designer, creating something that seems to have a unique origin is our eternal goal. As a human, the idea of a return to a natural state both spoke to and intrigued us.  And at the time, we thought "natural" would mean being more eco-friendly, or less corporate. It turns out, as we began to build F E R A L , that our natural state would mean much more than that, and become the foundation of our business.