You Deserve A Better Bag

No really, ladies. You do. We're not just being coy here, we have seen you at the park, the grocery store, the office, the gym. You're wearing something comfortable and affordable but not something that you're necessarily in love with, correct? You stop and compliment our belt bag or backpack and then sheepishly hide your nylon sling behind your bum. It's time to take care of yourself and add some polish to your appearance with a beautiful accessory you'll be proud to show off. 

I get it, you like the bags but think they're expensive. Let's break that down for a second. At the end of the day you have a budget to spend on yourself, correct? Or maybe you just have an idea of "how much a bag should cost." We hear you but here's a really important perspective: Price Per Wear. 

You really should be breaking down your purchases into "price per wear" not just looking at the purchase cost. Don't know what that is? Be prepared to have your mind blown. Let's say you buy a bold & trendy dress and it's only $125, so it's a deal right? Well that depends on how many times you wear said bold & trendy dress. If you don it twice during the holidays that dress cost you $67.50 each time you put it on. Now let's compare that purchase to one of our bags. I personally have been wearing the curve backpack for over a year, almost every day (Let's say 330 days out of 365). The backpack that I will wear everyday for years, in only it's first year costs me $2.10 per wear. Now that ladies, is smart math. It's less than a tall flat white coffee at Starbucks. If you're thinking to yourself, well I won't wear the backpack every day! Ok, let's look at it on a larger scale, if you wear the backpack a few days out of each month, over the next 2 years, then that backpack cost you $28.96/mo. If you wear it longer, it cost you even less per wear. 

Invest in yourself but make a purchase that you will wear everyday for years. Then you are truly adding a value to your wardrobe. 

I have to assure you I get it, I used to love a bargain and was addicted to Zara. But then I saw an infographic a few years ago that pointed out you could afford those Jimmy Choos if you didn't buy 5 pairs of less expensive ones (or go to Target every week - seriously why are you going to Target every week?), and it changed my perspective entirely. The same concept applies here - if you are a stylish, modern woman that wants to present herself in the best way possible you really should invest in high quality, timeless accessories that go with everything. 

What it costs to make a premium bag in the USA may not be a factor in your purchase, but just in case you're curious what cost goes into making our line, we've provided a breakdown below: 

One of our larger bags takes 15+ hours to cut and sew, and our artisans are paid at least $15/hr brings our labor cost to $225 (which doesn't include costs of premium Italian leather, the lining, hardware or zippers). After labor and materials you have to ship the dang thing and package it too, luckily for us these costs are lower since we produce everything domestically, but that also adds cost. We are proud to have low markups to keep retail prices low and use a 2.5-3x mark up instead of the typical 8-10x of most luxury brands. Is this going to make us rich quick, no. But that's not why we're doing this. We're committed to offering something really well made for the most honest price possible because we believe that hard working moms/women/humans deserve the best bag possible. You work hard for your money, and you deserve a better bag.