Archive Sale

It's time to open our designer vault and share some of the incredible pieces we've been hoarding in the studio. These bags are WAY too cool to sit on a shelf! We have a collection of these limited edition and one of a kind prototype samples available at deeply discounted rates. We will be adding styles over the next few weeks so check back often. There are only one or two pieces of each in existence, so once they're gone. They're gone! 

We also have items on sale from our signature leather collection. Many vary only slightly from our regular priced items but as they are one of a kind they cannot be sold at regular price. Many are prototypes from development of each style. They have cool details we couldn't afford in production - so in many cases they are even better! Some were offered on consignment in upscale shops, have been gently handled. Sure we could sell them at full price, but that feels wrong. So here's your chance to score a deal. 

Each style's unique characteristics are listed in the description. Please see photos for additional details prior to purchase, as all sample sale purchases are final sale. We're always available to answer any questions you may have before you buy, we always want you to love your bag!