About Us

O U R  V I S I O N 


fe • ral

  1. Having returned to or existing in a natural state
  2. Of an original or unknown origin

F E R A L is a Seattle based handbag label launched in 2018 by Shannon Fisher. The line celebrates individuality, quality craftsmanship and suggests a minimal(ist) alternative to traditional luxury accessories. Mindful design and an ethical mission highlight our return to a natural state as responsible consumers, all without compromising our elevated premium aesthetic. We believe in doing things the right way and selling them for honest prices from the beginning. You deserve the best, after all.

We use sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices to create high-end handbags in the USA at accessible prices. The journey to build this collection has taken almost 2 years, and we're proud of every detail. It's time to downsize your bag and change your life. 


C R A F T S M A N S H I P 

The facts:

We partner with one of the best factories in the US to manufacture our bags, and we visit them often. We’ve worked together for many years, and our hands-on close relationship is the most effective way to ensure the quality and integrity of the product we create together. Designed with intention and passion, our goods are handcrafted by artisans who put their keen attention to detail and love into every piece they create.

Our small batch production runs are hand cut, meaning there is a personalized touch on every piece. The edges are hand polished and double painted for a clean, elevated finish. These high-end details are skillfully executed by our team of artisans, trained in the timeless Italian art of leather working. 

All of our beaded styles are completely made to order, in an effort to reduce waste. The non-toxic beads used for these styles are 100% made in USA. 

Our signature dust bag backpacks are made in our Seattle studio in small batches. They are cut, printed, sewn and finished here too. They can be washed and re-used many times, and we hope you enjoy using them as a gym bag, grocery bag, market tote or to hold your dry cleaning- sky's the limit - get creative! Each year we plan to update the color, or collaborate with an artist to make these dust bags unique and limited edition. 

Both the limited-edition dust bags and handbag linings are made of Eco-Twill fabric, which is made of a blend of recycled PET (plastic water bottles) and organic cotton. This keeps bottles out of landfills and makes a vibrant and naturally durable material we can all feel good about wearing.

Our compact supply chain is proudly 100% in the USA. We currently source all of our hardware, linings, and packaging components from US manufacturers, including all of our our poly acrylic beads. We are committed to continuing to support these small US businesses as our company continues to grow. Investing in American communities through supporting these partners is the foundation of our business and each handbag style you purchase impacts a minimum of 10 US businesses. We've recently added info graphics to each product page so you can see the states where your style was made and your bag's components come from. 

We use Italian calf leather for all of our F E R A L handbags and accessories. This is the only material sourced from outside the US, and we use it because it is the best. This luxurious, fine grain material allows us to create smooth silhouettes with a clean and polished appearance. But don’t let the sleek appearance fool you, they’re well-made and ready to accompany you on your everyday adventures. The fine grain is naturally scratch and water resistant. Our leather is bio-traceable and a byproduct of the Italian meat industry. Many people assume that the hides from the meat industry are always utilized, but sadly this is not the case. We made sure we chose natural materials that reduce or eliminate waste and are proud to utilize this available material and turn it into something beautiful that will last for many years. 

We use only the most premium materials, and hand cut every piece of leather used so that we can honor the timeless tradition of handbag making. Our skilled artisans are all paid fair wages, and love what they do (and it shows). Making the pieces in small batches allows us to control the quality and avoid waste created by traditional manufacturing practices. We are committed to making beautiful, high-end leathergoods with these premium materials and know you'll recognize the quality in every detail. 


O U R  F O U N D E R 

In 2014, a then 30-year-old Shannon Fisher left her job as a corporate design executive, choosing to focus on a more meaningful lifestyle & expand her family. After the birth of her first child, she quickly realized there was a white space in the market between the designer bags she used to purchase and stylish, well made bags created for real, everyday life. Having built a vast industry network and provided her design knowledge to private label brands for over a decade, she felt compelled to challenge the status quo and create a company she could be proud to work for. Having no start-up experience, she relied on her passion for beautiful design, ethical manufacturing and an appreciation for luxury leather goods to launch  F E R A L. She is passionate about elevating the everyday experiences of real women through beautiful, modern and practical pieces they'll use every day. She has a wonderful husband, three gorgeous sons, a precocious golden retriever and a borderline obscene vintage handbag collection.  F E R A L is literally her dream manifested, which is why you'll see the words "living the dream" on every product page. 


O U R  M I S S I O N

In addition to supporting other US small businesses by partnering and purchasing all our materials directly from them, we are proud to give back. Since 2018, FERAL has supported Treehouse, a Seattle based non-profit that supports PNW foster children, helping to bridge the gap of normalcy in these children's lives. A portion of every full-priced sale goes to this charity.