Design Services

P R I V A T E   L A B E L  D E S I G N  S E R V I C E S : 

Leveraging over 12 years as a handbag designer, our founder would be happy to partner with you to bring your ideas to life, assist in developing a handbag design for your brand or help take your business to the next level with skilled design support. 

We can assist in the following ways:

Design - Create unique, salable, brand appropriate designs for your brand.

Presentation - Create dynamic presentation boards (either hand sketches, or computer CAD drawings and color renderings) for use with your potential investors, internal business partners or buyers. 

Tech Packs - Create full industry technical packages (technical drawings, detail instructions, full measurements, construction specifications, hardware details). These are used to make prototypes and produce with a factory.

Leather Sourcing - Material sourcing and color palette development. Need help making an exciting color palette or textural statement with your line? We can help! We partner with the best tanneries in Europe and Asia and are well versed in the language of leather. 

Manufacturing - We can guide our sample rooms to manufacture first samples, assist in pre-production. We have an extensive network of factories available worldwide. Whether you want to make bags in LA, NY, China or Italy, we know where to get your bags made right.

Costing - one of the most important brand factors, second only to making beautiful products. We are capable of costing into your retail targets, helping you get a healthy IMU and providing charts to help you understand your costs. We can help you price your line and hit your targets. 

Branding - Looking to define your brand ethos, refine your target customer profile, or gain advice from an industry insider? We can also help with this.

Please email and let us know what your specific needs are. We are handbag obsessed and would love to help your business make beautiful bags!