P R O D U C T   C A R E  

Before using your leather item, we recommend that you use a leather protector to preserve it, but this is not a necessary step. These items can be purchased at any drugstore or at a shoe-repair location.

To care for or extend the life of your product, prevent exposure to direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Avoid direct contact with water, oil-based substances and cosmetics.

For light stain removal, other than permanent dyes, we recommend you gently dab with a clean dry cloth and premium leather cream, which can be purchased at a drugstore or cobbler. Please test any products you are applying to the bag in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure you are okay with the final result before applying to the whole bag. A cobbler or leather professional will be able to deep clean your bag in the event that is needed.


Does F E R A L charge sales tax?

Yes.  Sales tax is charged on orders shipped within the states of WA and NY.


My bag has some variations. Is this normal?

F E R A L carefully selects the finest materials to guarantee our high manufacturing standards. Any grain and color variations are natural leather characteristics which make each item unique. Leather is a natural material and each hide is unique. Creasing in some items is unavoidable during manufacturing and shipment, but should diminish as you use the bag.


Will your leather bags show scratching?

Scratching and damage can occur while using any leather product, so please be sure to use your items with care. F E R A L is not responsible for damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as scratching or staining on light-colored bags.


Is my snap strap adjustable?

For our Signature Collection Styles No. 1 and No 3, the straps are adjustable via functional leather covered snaps. We do not recommend extending the strap so that only one snap is bearing the weight of the bag, as it may come open. For maximum strength and safety, we recommend keeping at least 2 snaps closed/snapped shut when strap is in fully extended position. 


How should I store my items?

When not in use, please be sure to store in a cool, dry area in the dust bag provided with your purchase. In the event that your bag gets wet, please be sure to air dry before further use or storage.


Is my dust bag a backpack?

Yes! The dust bag that comes with your bag is also a custom printed backpack. Please follow the care instructions on the label inside your dustbag for any cleaning needs should your bag become stained.

The first 150 dustbags each season are made in our Seattle studio, and are made of a twill blend of organic cotton and recycled PET fibers (the same material as our handbag linings). This means you can wear it, wash it and put it to good use. All our items are intended to be worn and loved.

We recommend you wash the bag inside out on delicate or hand wash and lay flat to dry.


Are the styles numbered?

The first ten styles designed have been numbered 1-10. Each handbag has a number embossed in an understated way. Each of these first 10 styles represents the beginning of our brand vision, and our manifestation of what we've determined is the best version of each type of handbag silhouette. The launch collection includes styles N°1-5. You deserve the best, after all. 


What inspired the name F E R A L?

The founder read somewhere that feral meant “of an original or unknown origin”. For a designer, that was an alluring concept, and one that we strive to reference when designing each item. We strive to create something uniquely beautiful, and each piece has been thoughtfully made for the individuals who wear them.