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F E R A L represents a modern approach to luxury leather goods. The collection was built out of a respect for minimal(ist) design and a focus on functionality. It is inspired by 90's design, modern youth culture and architecture. We’ve stripped away the unnecessary to create clean bags with intentional, practical details keeping only those which enhance the versatility and unique aesthetic of that style. Our understated branding ensures that you define your style, not the brand you wear. 

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"I love that I can hook my keys to the wristlet chain on my FERAL wallet, it's the perfect size for a license and credit cards when I don't need a purse. Perfect for running errands and sticking in the little valuables locker at the gym." 

Rebekah S.

"At first I was worried to wear my backpack because it looked so pristine, then I wore it out and realized how durable the bag is.  It doesn't scratch. This is my everyday bag, I can't believe how good the quality is." 

Rory R.

"I don't even carry a wallet or any other bag anymore. This is literally all I wear now. I love it." - Handsfree Phone Sling

Oleksandra B.

"The phone sling is the perfect mini bag. I love how light weight it is."

Judy Y.

"I have finally found the perfect backpack." - Curve Backpack

Cortney B.