F E R A L Getaway: Los Angeles, December 2018

I lived in LA for 9 years, and relocated back to the PNW (only after I was poached by a large, nationally respected brand to direct design for 11 private label accessory brands) a few years ago. Although I really do LOVE living in the PNW for many reasons, it would be a complete lie to say I didn't miss the perpetual summer of the city of angels and was happy to be back in town last weekend. 

I stayed at the Palihotel on Melrose, and if I needed validation for my current color obsession with all things green, I found it. Their restaurant serves up great food, the decor, service and rooms are great and the hotel's central location made it easy to get around town. I highly recommend visiting if you haven't been yet. 

There are many things I love about LA besides the sun and sand (which honestly you see very little of when you're grinding away in a corporate fashion job like I was when I lived there). The urban artwork for one, is spectacular. Every inch of the city is stencil painted, sticker covered, emblazoned with a mural and sun faded in a California-cool kind of way that creates the best paint colors you won't see anywhere else. I only took a few shots because nothing gets my husband in the "I'm calling an Uber and leaving you here" mood like seeing me try and capture the instagram worthy artsy bag shot while he's trying to talk to me. I did manage to get a few, we're still married, and I can wear a belt bag at 5mo pregnant, so I am calling that all a big win. 

The fashion scene, secondly, is the best on the west coast. Not only are there some visually stunning designer boutique spaces (The Row, Mansur Gavriel, Margiela, Acne to name a few) but the curated assortments at LCD, Opening Ceremony and Assembly LA are sure to validate your next purchase and introduce you to exciting emerging labels (sadly - none of them yet carry F E R A L but let's hope that changes in 2019 - some seeds have been planted, people!). I was in LA over the weekend and was able to stop by Melrose Trading Post and check out Unique Market on the Santa Monica Pier before flying out on Sunday. It was a great mix of vintage, eclectic gold layering pendants and emerging designer handmade goods. Surprisingly I didn't buy anything at either market, but I did leave feeling inspired about all the creativity on the West Coast, something I am proud to be a part of. 

 Third: NINE INCH NAILS. I mentioned to someone that I saw them last weekend, and heard exclamations such as, "I didn't realize they were still touring" and "oh" also several responded with unenthusiastic silence. All of which I do not get, but also do not take the time to engage with. There are two kinds of people in this world - those that get the musical genius of an ever evolving band of rock icons (a word I don't love but haven't found a better replacement for), guided under the one and only Trent Reznor, and those who simply, don't. The Hollywood Palladium proved a great venue, even for a 5 month pregnant woman in her most fetching black mesh/leather/doc martins outfit (aka me) and her husband who was lovely enough to not go into the pit on the main floor and hung out with me to make sure our unborn had a proper bodyguard from the balcony. I have seen NIN perform many times, and this was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Their passion, visuals, energy, lyrical genius and power of the crowd's decades long love of this band was visceral and unforgettable as we sang along with ballads old and new as one. Oh, and Mariqueen (Trent's wife, vocalist for their band HTDA) made a surprise appearance that had me grinning ear to ear (I know, I am very hard core) for the three songs she performed. The concert was the reason I was in LA, and we caught the last night of their 6 day "Cold and Black and Infinite" tour. All I can say about the experience, is thank you. What a great way to cap off 2018. 

Now back to reality. And the kids. Happy Holidays to all!


Shannon from F E R A L